26. September 2019 - 18:30
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Crosscut Talks Live | Cascade Public Media | Thursday, 26. September 2019

Crosscut Talks Live is a studio audience recording of the popular Crosscut Talks podcast, featuring one-on-one conversations and panel debates with politicians, authors, journalists and the people at the center of the stories that are driving our cultural conversation at home and around the country.
Your ticket includes entry to the event along with two drink tickets and light refreshments. 

September 26, 2019
Equal Play: Will Women's Sports Ever Get a Fair Shake?
Women’s sports are ascendant. The fervor around the recent U.S. Women’s World Cup victory made it clear to anyone that had not been tracking the team’s dominance over the last several tournaments that greatness and commercial viability of athletics isn’t reserved for men’s sports. Locally, the WNBA Seattle Storm won its third championship in 2018, and was one of three teams in the league that has seen attendance rise year over year.
But it’s not all good news. The World Cup spotlight afforded the players a platform to highlight the inequity in pay, media coverage and sponsorships that plagues Women’s athletics. Many leagues struggle to survive, paths to professional careers are stunted, and even the most successful athletes are forced to play grueling schedules to earn a living, putting their health and careers at risk.
Join us as we consider the long road that has been paved by female athletes to get to where they are today, and the unique challenges women are working to overcome in sports at the collegiate and professional levels.
Panelists include:
Teresa Predmore - Co-owner, Reign FC
Amy Griffin - 1991 Women’s National Soccer Team, World Cup Champion, UW Associate Head Coach
...& more to be announced soon

October 24, 2019
The Rising: Native Tribes **** the Existential Threat of Climate Upheaval
Climate change is quickly altering the shape of the Northwest — its ecosystems, its organisms, its coastline. On the Olympic Peninsula, natural resources have supported several Native tribes for thousands of years. But facing declining fish stocks and an ocean in revolt, they are now facing what was previously unthinkable: moving from the place they’ve inhabited since time immemorial and relocating an entire village. The effects of climate change are leading some to assert Indigenous sovereignty, demand political action and support. For many, it’s simply a fight to remain in the place you call home and **** the rising tide in the canoes of your ancestors.
We will convene tribal representatives and climate scientists to discuss the immense challenges the people of the coast ****, ongoing efforts to adapt to those challenges, and what lessons society at large can take from Indigenous resiliency.
 Panelists to be announced

November 19, 2019
WTO: Did Everyone Lose the Battle of Seattle?
Twenty years ago this November, the world’s attention turned to Seattle where a meeting of the World Trade Organization was disrupted by thousands of protesters who filled the city’s streets. The conflict that followed shook Seattle and laid bare deep frustrations with the excesses of globalization and fears about the impact of free trade.
While it failed to stop the WTO, the three days of conflict did renew the power of grassroots political protest in the U.S. It set the course for Occupy Wall Street and other populist movements, and helped to shape the dialogue around economic equity in the 21st century.
Joined by prominent figures from the events, historians and today’s political analysts, we look back at the WTO with the benefit of hindsight to revisit those dramatic days, and to consider what the protests, responses and anxieties of those times may have foretold about our economic and political reality today.
Panelists to be announced

Cascade Public Media
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Doors at 6:00 PM, Program at 6:30 PM

Stay tuned for the continuation of our Crosscut Talks Live series in January, 2020. 

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