03. January 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Desirability Politics Panel | Artspace Mt. Baker Lofts | Wednesday, 03. January 2018

Very few people talk about this but it's a big issue.

In this special event, WoCSO will discuss the politics of Desirability, with topics ranging from "pretty privilege", decolonized understandings of beauty, ableism and disability, mental health, and how to acknowledge and be accountable when we have such privileges.

The venue is the meeting room at Artspace which can best be accessed from behind the building.

Accessibility info: There are no steps and the restroom is on the same floor. This is a fragrance free, substance free, and alcohol free event.

This event is free to attend, donations are welcome. Vegan food will be served.
  • here's the agenda for tomorrow: 7:00 Food, Opening 8:00 WoCSO 9:00 Break 9:20 Fishbowl, WoCSO Q&A 10:00 Closing
  • Many thanks to Jordan from European Dissent for making the food! and for European Dissent and CAR-W for volunteering in lots of other ways <3
  • I hope it goes well....
  • ****. I am working that evening. Sorry to have to miss it.
  • Sorry to miss this but I'm not back in town till the day after. :/
  • Wish I could come to this, but will be on my way back from Montana. Will post on Grannies' page.