16. December 2020 - 12:30 till 14:30
May 27 Class will be held on Skype, Seattle
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Fund Accounting 201 | Wednesday, 16. December 2020

Fund Accounting - for King County Employees ONLY

About this Event

Key Topics

In this class, you will learn three important accounting topics for fund accounting that are relevant to King County:

  • Measurement focus: What is measured in a set of financial statements; when recognition should take place; at what point does an inflow becomes revenue and outflow becomes an expenses or expenditures.
  • Basis of Accounting: Accrual basis accounting and modified accrual basis of accounting

  • Classification of Transactions: Overview categories of transactions and events and their recognition

Recommended Prior to this Class - Fund Accounting 101

Who will benefit

  • Finance Manager, Business and Finance Officer, Accountant and Accounting Technician.
  • Anyone needing a refresher or introduction to governmental accounting.


Please email: Financial Accounting Unit email

Class on May 27 will be held on Skype