17. February 2018 - 20:00 till 23:30
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GunsGodsGhosts w/ Black Magic Noize, Pryor Prism, Mojo Barnes | Substation | Saturday, 17. February 2018

GunsGodsGhosts is a new project by Aaron Donogh (formerly Sarx). They debut their new music live tonight alongside Black Magic Noize, Pryor Prism, Mojo Barnes, and a live beat set by Smoke M2D6. Doors are at 8 PM, Tickets are 10 dollars in advance or 15 dollars at the door.
  • As usual, health will be my deciding factor. But Ill def try and make it if I can. Part of the problem is I cant ever commit to things in advance, it usually cant be done til the day of the event. As I could feel fine today, and be hospitalized at night. Not the greatest quality of life, but at least Im still with y'all (for the time being). Either way, awesome youre making music, going on tour, and doing what you love Aaron Donogh!
  • Full Flier