28. July 2061 - 21:00
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Halley's Comet Viewing | Gas Works Park | Thursday, 28. July 2061

Halley's Comet's next perihelion is coming soon in 2061!! Bring your children and your grandchildren for this once-in-our-lifetime experience. Looking forward to catching up with you all!
  • Yeah, I would like to go with you Mike, could be a lot of fun. Let’s see that would put me at 116, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it. As Connie would say “We’ll see!!!!!” LOL
  • I'm game. I'll be just a couple months shy of 111. This will be quite an experience.
  • ****! I will be stardust- of course I will be there.
  • ফোন দিস, আর গাড়ি পাঠায় দিস,চলে আসবো।
  • I'll be 106 but I'll be there!!
  • One of my best memories was sitting with my sister looking through binoculars at a comet. It was so close it felt like you could touch it. I will never forget that night.
  • '2061: Odyssey Three' by Arthur Charles Clarke, is happening that year in another TimeLine. :-D True story, as is all SF. It's been formatted, transformed, translated, anthropomorphized, and transmitted to Human Brains by the Fractaloids and the Firstborn. QED!
  • My Grandmother is 98 now and shows no signs of stopping. So I likely will live that long, but as an educator I may still be marking papers...
  • I shall be almost 98. Been wondering what I would do at that age...
  • Will be with you in spirit from ... uh, wherever.
  • I’ll be 77.... I think I can still make it.
  • Assuming Gas Works park is still there I will be 96 looking up thinking Déjà Vu
  • I will be in my 80’s, and my wife in her 90’s, but sure why not lol
  • Can we move this to next Saturday I have work
  • I will be a couple of weeks short of 102, but hey, if I'm still around, I'll go!
  • I will be a couple of weeks short of 102, but hey, if I'm still around, I'll go!
  • 2061???
  • I totally didn't see the year prior to sharing this with friends. We'll be in our 80s and 90s. 😂😂😂 I really don't like to make plans quite this far in advance!
  • I will no longer be around but I did observe it the last time it came around. It was disappointing that time. Better luck next time!
  • Oh sure, if I'm still alive!
  • 2061? i wish.
  • Me too will join in space. Perhaps you all may be able to see me riding the comet.
  • Wow yeah sure. I will be or not be 109. I will jog down from whereever the **** I am. I'll bring the beer
  • I'll only be 106 - can't wait to see it again!
  • I would be 95 so we'll see.