15. October 2017 - 17:00
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Heartbeat Silent Disco "Gasworks Park Seattle" Sunday 11/5 | Gas Works Park | Sunday, 15. October 2017

Hello Seattle!! Heartbeat Silent Disco is happy to announce that Silent Disco at Gas Works Park is a weekly Sunday event, We are so overwalmed with the love and suport.
Thank you Seattle!! ♥

You can find us under the covered area at Gas Works Park this week. If you are not familiar with the park we will post a picture where we are setting up and updating the event details on Featured Artist and special events.
(You must have a valid drivers license or ID and $5 cash in order to use the headphones)

Bring a blanket, friends, family, snacks, and your favorite beverage. You could also bring out flow arts, games and crafts! There are always creative and amazing people showing up so maybe some skills will rub off on you or you can teach someone something new.
We are excited to have consistency, so join us for this dance/disco and bring your good vibes, friends and family. We will be dancing as the sun sets!

Silent Discos are more fun when we have critical mass. Let's get together around 4:45pm to stretch and guarantee you headphones. We are going to kick things off around 5pm and go until around 8pm. We will be bringing a bunch of headphones, but get there early to guarantee you a pair. You must have a valid drivers license or ID and $5 cash in order to use the headphones.

~~You can Venmo in advance for $7 as well as pay using Venmo in line if you don't have cash. This is a great way to reserve headphones in advance!~~ heartbeatsilentdisco@gmail.com

This is a family friendly event :)

All Heartbeat Silent Discos are Leave No Trace events, let's leave the park cleaner than when we found it! ♥

Featuring Music by:
Hanz Disco