12. January 2018 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Lineage: Film Tour | evo | Friday, 12. January 2018

During the 2016-17 winter, the world's most iconic female skier, Ingrid Back­strom, set out to ski the top 25 lift-accessed ski runs in North America. What started off as a simple concept quickly evolved into a true adventure.

She hit the road with her husband, Jim, and newborn baby, Betty, in their Toyota Sienna minivan, traveling from Tahoe to Revelstoke chasing snow throughout the peak of the season. Between ski action and landscape scenic of the country's best lift-accessed terrain, subplots unfold - specifically, the ever-changing balance of being a professional athlete and mother and a gender role reversal for her husband as the main caregiver for their daughter.

Accompanied by Ingrid's parents, as well, for a large portion of the trip, a third dynamic develops with a generational role as the new grandparents (and parents) introduce the skiing culture to Betty as they did Ingrid.