04. April 2020 - 8:00 till 15:00
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Poetry in Action | Center for Urban Horticulture | Saturday, 04. April 2020

How many of us have turned to poetry when the weight of the world called for it--in communion or joy--in our English language arts classrooms? 

“We Real Cool.” 
“‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers.” 
“So much depends/ upon/ A red wheel/ barrow.” 
“Did you hear about the rose that grew/ from a crack in the concrete?” 

Lesson after lesson, year to year, the words can anthologize on our hearts and in our minds. And yet poetry is so rarely the favorite subject of teachers and students. 

“I, too, dislike it,” Marianne Moore begins in her poem “Poetry,” though she says later, “one/ discovers that there is in/ it after all, a place for the genuine.” 

The 2020 Washington Language Arts Council conference celebrates poetry. With writing workshops, teacher-led small group working sessions, and poet and educator keynote speakers, this clock hours-bearing event is a place to share what the poetry in our lives does with us, and what we can do with it, as sustenance for ourselves and our students both in and outside of our classrooms. With content geared toward elementary and secondary strands throughout the day, and integration with music, dance, and other arts, we are eager to learn with, about, and from you in our organization's ongoing mission to form a community of active, supportive educators. 

We believe, in the words of Juan Felipe Herrera, “you have a poem to offer/ it is made of action--you must/ search for it    run/ outside and give your life to it.” 

Come write, listen, speak, read, break bread, sing, dance, and dream with us today to bring what you gain to your classroom tomorrow. 

Please see here to complete a simple application for a full needs-based scholarship to attend this conference.