24. April 2020 - 9:30 till 17:00
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Product Management Foundations Training Workshop - Seattle | | Friday, 24. April 2020

Understanding your role as a product manager
Training Workshop Overview
The role of a product manager is a complicated one, that changes and shifts, depending on the product, team, organisation, and PM themselves. A myriad of skills, at all points of the product development lifecycle, all seem equally important and urgent. As new product managers enter the role, it’s difficult to understand what to focus on first, and how to begin the path towards mastering the skills and craft of product management. How can PMs be assured that they are focusing on the right skills?
Foundations is a survey course that attempts to clarify and define the aspects of the role that a new product manager should tackle first. Focused specifically on core team practice and methods that drive the delivery of value to customers, this course offers overviews and definitions of the theories and mindsets that drive the core elements of the product role. Once certain theories are explored, the course deep-dives into specific skills and processes that allow PMs to effectively run a team dedicated to continuous learning and delivery.

What we’ll cover on the day
Product Management Foundations is a full-day workshop that is comprised of seven modules. Each module includes a lecture component on theory and practice, interspersed with hands-on activities. This ensures that you are afforded an opportunity to apply and work with concepts in a setting that will answer questions and facilitate critical thinking. You can see some of what we cover below. 


Product mindsets - Defining product - The problem landscape - Breaking down learning mindsets at different points through the product development lifecycle
Design thinking - What design thinking is and why it’s important - The role of product in design thinking - Common frameworks and how they link together
Goals alignment - Creating effective goals and aligning the team and organization around them - OKRs vs. KPIs vs. Metrics - The difference between business goals and product outcomes
Hypothesis & Validation - Designing tests around your assumptions  - The evaluation process - Lean experiments
User interview guides - Different types of interview - Creating interview guides that do not bias or lead the subject - Using interview guides to ideate, and to validate assumptions
User stories & Backlogs - Epics and stories: the differences between them and how to use them - Conveying priority to your team - Translating user needs into product features
Team culture & Communication - “Culture as product” - What high-performing teams look like and how to create one - The role of a product manager in a healthy team

Things to reflect on before the workshop
Before your training workshop we ask that you take some time to consider the following questions. The more time you take to consider your current situation, and the issues and challenges you ****, the more you’ll gain from your training:

What was your role described to you when you first got started?

What have you learned about product management since taking the job?

How well do you feel you understand your customers?

Do you think you have a healthy team culture?

Key Takeaways
At the end of the workshop, you will be confident in your understanding of the role of a product manager, including a firm grasp of the concept of design thinking and how it is important. You’ll have a clear understanding of where the customer sits in the product practice, how to define and prioritise your customer personas, and how not to bias your customer research. You’ll go back to the office feeling confident in your ability to facilitate a goals conversation, and how to structure hypothesis for lean tests.

Mind the Product Trainers
Every Mind the Product trainer is a working product manager who has worked with multiple products and domains. Your trainer’s product management experience enriches the curriculum by delivering diverse perspectives on best practice in different scenarios. You will hear about the products they have worked on in the past, what went well, what didn’t go so well, and how they tried to make improvements. Our trainers’ main goal is not to provide participants with all of the answers, but help facilitate them in asking the right questions. 

About your trainer
Ryan Finley, Team Lead
Ryan has worked as a product person in a variety of industries, including automotive, retail, financial services, media aerospace, and health and wellness, and has worked with companies at all growth stages..
He is currently leads a team building a cryptocurrency trading platform for Bittrex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange.
Ryan is a ProductTank co-organizer for Seattle. In his spare time, he can be found cycling, playing with his baby, and building hi-fi speakers.


Registration will begin at 9.00

Class will start at 9.30 sharp and end at 17.00

We'll also provide a light breakfast, buffet lunch and plenty of tea and coffee to fuel you through the day.

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