30. March 2018 - 9:00
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Sakura-*** 2018 | Washington State Convention Center | Friday, 30. March 2018

This is an unofficial event page for Sakura-*** 2018. Sakura-*** is an anime convention in Seattle, Washington. It's my all time favorite convention. Sakura-*** website: http://sakuracon.org/
  • I unfortunately lack the time, skill, and effort to create a decent cosplay this year. But I DO have a poor man's cosplay. If you see someone walking around with a classic-looking Digimon digital pet hanging from his camera bag who has a Koromon sticking out of his hood, that is me and my poor-man's Digimon Tamer! I'd post a picture of what it might look like, but my phone takes the most rancid of selfies. It's much better to do pictures with my dedicated camera.
  • what are this years photo shoots ?
  • New Guest!
  • Model applications are live! Apply now!
  • whose cosplaying what from anime, games, tv and etc... Final fantasy lovers out there Final fantsy tokyo ghoul the ancient magus bride love live seraph of the end
  • whats the cost of tickets this year?
  • whats the cost of tickets this year?
  • I’m really wondering why I **** off more than I can chew every year! Lol This year marks 10 years of my cosplaying and going to cons!! Chain mail is crazy
  • http://sakuracon.org/guests/teddyloid/
  • http://sakuracon.org/guests/m-project/
  • http://sakuracon.org/2018/02/moi-meme-moitie-fashion-show/
  • http://sakuracon.org/guests/robbie-daymond/
  • Hey everyone going to Sakura *** 2018 anyone have any ideas on a good hotel near by where’s everyone staying at potentially I’m coming over from the east coast !! Anyone looking for a roomie ??
  • Any Pokemon groups attending? Wasn't sure if there was a gathering or anything posted yet.
  • I'm gonna be going as Kagome Higurashi!!!!!
  • Michael Mackebon
  • For any One Piece fans attending, I have a friend, Salvador Yen Boogie Ledezma, who is a dancer in the Portland area, coming to this *** for the first time, and he is cosplaying as Charlotte Katakuri. He would like to film a dance video with himself and the other Sweet Generals from the current arc. (I myself will be cosplaying *******), and we are looking for anyone who may potentially be going to the *** as Smoothie. If so and you're interested, I'm sure he would love to fill you in on his ideas. Or if anyone is going as Big Mom or anyone else in the Charlotte Family, that would be cool too.
  • I'll be cosplaying Izaya Orihara this year!
  • This is my tentative SakuraCon lineup this year. The main one up in the air is Yukata Riko. Bonus points if you know what the bottom text is from :3
  • Newest Guest: Micah Solusod!