22. October 2019 - 17:00 till 18:15
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SELF-Leadership: a six week online series | Online | Tuesday, 22. October 2019

The six-week series involves weekly teachings & dialog, a daily 10-minute meditation practice, and hourly awareness minute.
 Weeks 1-3: Exercising our Stress Responses Less

Week 1: Training the Observer

Week 2: Accepting that I feel that way

Week 3: Activating the relaxation response

Week 4-6: Exercising our Resilience and Whole Brain Intelligence More

Week 4: Practicing the pivot from fear to love, from react to respond

Week 5: Expanding my Resilience and sense of SELF

Week 6: Focusing my attention and thoughts on what I want to create

Designed for individuals who wish to exercise their stress response and patterns of protection less, and Resilience more. 
The N.E.A.R. Sciences (Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACES, and Resilience) offer breakthrough insights into a daily internal practice that supports your well-being.  
The inner state of the caregiver/***** in the scene makes all the difference.