08. January 2020 - 13:00
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Starting Toward Extraordinary - 6 Week Business Building Group | Seattle - SODO Area | Wednesday, 08. January 2020

Starting Toward Extraordinary – 6 Week Business Building Program
Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur or small business owner with a difference to make in the world and ready to do take your business to the next level?  Imagine going for your dream, making your difference in the world, and doing it in a way that works for you, makes a good income, and empowers you and others.  The Starting Toward Extraordinary™ workbook and mastermind group are designed to help you go further, faster toward a powerful, profitable, impactful business. Whether you've had your business for years or you're just starting out, if you aren't having the results you want in your business get clear on what the problem is and what to do about it so you building a business that works, and works for you.
You'll leave with a powerful business plan and be on your way to very successful 2018.  The group combines business skills, personal development, spiritual tools, coaching, and the power of community and masterminding to support you in boldly stepping up and going for your dreams as we work through the Starting Toward Extraordinary™ workbook and help you grow your business is in the process.This is a 6 week mastermind group and business program. We will meet in Seattle for 6 weeks (exact time and location may change a bit depending on group needs).  The price is $1,250... and $997 if you sign up early.  The program also includes a powerful coaching session with me to help you make the most of the program. Space is limited.  If you are ready to do something extraordinary with your business sign-up quickly to save your space.
If you’d like more information about about me, go to: www.LisaKBradley.comOr call me directly at 206.937.1037.
I would love to support you in making your difference… join us!Lisa

What My Workshop Attendees Say:
"It's hard to find words for my wonderful experience working with Lisa. The best way I can describe her is she's my Zen Business Therapist. She has an excellent balance of optimistic support mixed with purposeful drive that helps me stay on task without beating myself up. The result is that I have grown mentally and spiritually while advancing as an entrepreneur. The encounter has been beyond all of my expectations!" - Aubrey Lesicki, Seattle, WA Breast Remedy Seattle.com 
"Lisa, Your events are incredible. I so enjoyed a moment of just being me, showing up, being human--and seeing the richness that came from our group when everyone took the same approach (which you model beautifully, by the way). Thank you again."  - Elizabeth Rightor, MA, Med"You are a positive force and we need that more than ever!"  - Ross Cottrell“[Lisa's] Mastermind is an absolute necessity.”  - Christian Jacobsen"As usual...a productive and fun mastermind event for everyone! I just love to see all the energy and your positive approach to life and success.  This is what truly makes the difference between those who 'think' they know the road to success, and those who present it in Neon Lights because they've been there!"  - Julian Michael, Photographer"Lisa, thank you for your inspirational, strong and inviting style of leadership with your Mastermind events.  After each workshop I've left with valuable and tangible goals, while gaining support and guidance from other inspired business people." - Johnna Dietz, www.wholebody-nutrition.com"[Lisa's] Mastermind... is an AMAZING event!! Our group really tossed some great ideas around for each business. It was helpful to get other ideas from business people. Now, I need to get my action list done; this week!  This workshop made me get off my duff and I've already accomplished 2 of my action items". - Kerri Kirshner"That was really useful. The fine, insightful people in my group gave me both perspective and motivation."  - Sarah Bitter"I look forward to this event every month...  I always come away motivated and charged for the week." -  Corbet Curfman
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-  If you're interested in this program but don't live in the greater Seattle area or would like this program one-on-one, I also offer it as a business coaching program available over the phone.  Go to www.lisakbradley.com and sign up for a complimentary Strategy Session with me.