17. May 2017 - 18:30 till 20:15
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How to get, grow and succeed in your DREAM JOB - Anthony A. Rose | Singapore, Singapore | Wednesday, 17. May 2017

My long-awaited NEW BOOK. It will super charge your career. It wil inspire you to greatness. It will free you from the fears and apprehensions you have that stop you from achieving your dreams. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Guaranteed. This pre-launch is only for friends and friends of friends. 368 Thomson, Singapore 298127.
  • My Dear friends, don't forget to drop by on May 17 at 630 pm for the launch for friends of How to get, keep and grow in the Dream Job. Been so terribly busy with the 2017 India Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky. Now its time to get cracking on getting the book out to as many people as possible. This book will help many!!!
  • Super excited about the new book! It has been so so tough to get this one out amidst all else that was going on. I dare say it will help a ton of people! Are you set to join us May 17 at 368 Thomson at 630 pm.??
  • Great to have 2 sets of all 3 of my books Daddy's Logic, Break the ceiling touch the sky as well as How to get, grow and succeed in your DREAM JOB picked up by Junie Enriquez Lutian. Junie hope Justin and your family enjoys the books! Sales of Dream Job expected to be brisk!! Copies of all three books now in stock with House of Rose Professional. Also some copies of MY STROKE OF LUCK by Vijay Santhanam (the only book that I have read in one evening) www.houseofroseprofessional.com
  • Great to see the first local Delivery of books happen pre launch in Singapore yesterday! Looking forward to seeing all of you on May 17 at 368 Thomson!!
  • Dear friends we are locked and loaded for May 17. 368 Thomson road, starting 630 pm. This event is for friends and friends of friends. Max capacity is 60 people so sign up let us know if you're coming and please pre-order your books so I can take more than a minute to sign them for you!!
  • Dear Friends!! 1000 copies of How to get,grow and succeed in your Dream Job are now in Singapore. A superb selection of the success secrets from the career paths of some of the greatest executives in business today! Watch out for final launch date and venue soon!!! To pre order please inbox me. SGD 35 per copy.
  • My Dear friends, I am sad to announce that our book consignment has not reached Singapore so we have to move the launch to after the india edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky - the success and leadership summit for women. MAY 17 is the day we are looking at. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and hope you will show up in large numbers to be a part of the launch on May 17. We will be having 3-4 of our heroes in the book speaking at the launch, leaders at the very top of the career ladder. Don't miss the opportunity to get your copies of HOW TO GET, GROW AND SUCCEED IN YOUR DREAM JOB. 2000 copies of the book will be on hand in Singapore in the next few days. For bulk orders please email anthony@houseofroseprofessional.com
  • It has been an agonizing wait for my shipment of books from India. As a result we have not been able to lock down a launch date. We leave for the India Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky in Mumbai early May. My apologies for the suspense and wait for "How to get, grow and succeed in your Dream Job"I know it will be worth every single minute of the wait once you get a copy in your hands. The heroes in the book truly have some amazing career advice for your growth! Pre book your copy by emailing me at Anthony@houseofroseprofessional.com
  • 1000 copies of Dream Job are finally on the way to Singapore. Sadly it seems like we will have to hold the Singapore launch immediately after our India Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky viz after May 11. So sorry for the inconvenience friends. Please await a venue and final date for the big launch of How to get, grow and succeed in your Dream Job. Pre orders are open. We have sold about 90 books so far.
  • All the best Anthony god bless you with success with your new book keep it up!
  • My dear friends I am taking March 28 off your calendars but putting April 22 on instead as we are awaiting with great patience the first shipment of books in Singapore of How to get, grow and succeed in your DREAM JOB. This evening is a pre launch for friends and business contacts. Please feel free to invite your close friends. We would appreciate if you could pre order your books. For purchases above 10 copies I will pre-sign your books to cut down on waiting time for all. Please inbox me on Facebook for pre order or at anthony@houseofroseprofessional.com Books will be sold at this pre-launch at 10% off the store price (37 SGD) so about 33 SGD per book. 10% on every book sold (which is traditionally the authors portion of royalties from book sales) will be donated to charity. Our mission continues. SEE YOU ALL ON APRIL 22.
  • Print run coming up!!!!! Excited to see it all happening. EVENT DATE TO BE FINALIZED as soon as I see copies!! I promise you all it will be worth the wait!!! The book every aspiring professional MUST READ!!
  • Folks, please do take note we have not yet locked the date for the launch of the new book. I should have an update in the next week, but March 8 is a placeholder since its International Womens day. will likely be before that. Stay tuned.
  • Update... still waiting for final launch date folks. My apologies for the inconvenience. Definitely second half of Feb. stay tuned and thank you for your patience!
  • My dear friends we are still awaiting a date for instore launch of the new book. Please bear with us as we lock down this detail. Pre ordering for the book opens Jan 15. Please send your order details to anthony@houseofroseprpfessional.com
  • I have totally, totally given the new book my ALL... Still a few days of intense work left so we will be working through Christmas to stay on track. Please watch out for the final launch date... may shift a bit depending on venue and bookstore appearance.. I will update soonest. What a journey!!
  • It's been 11 days since my last post. Have. Wen working around the clock to close on the NEW BOOK. This week I am wrapping up with the pieces that cover 3 to 4 friends and now very senior executives who are also in the book. It is amazing to see their career advice and how they have used it to get to the top. Still about a month of work left! Quality takes time and commitment.
  • Awesome to see the achievements and career paths of the 45 global leaders in the book. Editing now underway and hopeful of meeting the Jan 20 deadline for launch!! Stay tuned!
  • A great writing day today. Spent time writing up the story of Kash Shaikh Founder of #besomebody. This one is special to me. So wonderful to see his journey and how he has turned his passion into his job. Amazing and touching. Book launches Jan 20!
  • It takes a great deal of dedication to do a new book. I am excited about the new book. It includes best career practices from 45 of the greatest leaders from across the world. So many pearls of wisdom that need to get crystallized into usable information. I am working very hard to get this one to market Jan 20. Spread the word! Where does an amazing career start? That and many more answers will be found in the NEW BOOK. (Title to be revealed in the next 3 weeks!) Pre ordering opens soon!!
  • My dear friends I regret to inform that we will move the launch of my new book from Dec to Jan 20, 2016 to enable some important travel prior to that for our international expansion of the Break the ceiling touch the sky summit. Online booking/purchase of the new book opens end Dec. My apologies for the shift in date - a difficult but necessary decision as we reset our House of Rose Professional Priorities for 2017. Have a wonderful week ahead. www.houseofroseprofessional.com
  • Crawling on the new book. Crawling, but never ever stopping. No writers block, no fatigue, no business distraction, no negative energy has stop me. I am the shaper of my own destiny. I am unstoppable. Are you?
  • Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, P&G, HP, Burberry, AT Kearney, Accenture, SC Johnson, Ascentador, GE, Pfizer, Kellogg, UBS... what does it take to have a winning career at the worlds best Companies? Get set for my new book. Out Dec 2016!! Are you ready to have a career at the worlds best Companies?
  • Making slow but steady progress...but taking way longer than expected!! Must do more!! Reminder to self...
  • I am thinking of these three amazing women today as I focus on completing my upcoming book. I will never forget the support and guidance they have given me... and in a small way I will pay it forward.