13. October 2019 - 15:00 till 17:00
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We are the LEGO Futuristic Creator! | Small Ville Bakery Cafe | Sunday, 13. October 2019

Let's be the LEGO Futuristic Creator!

This 4 session camps is specially created for kids who LOVES to build, construct and create things from LEGOs.  We will be leading them to create different models and incorporate basic programming skills and guide them to develop skills that are essential for life

Stuff that the kids will learn:
- Creativity & being innovative
- Structural Enginneering mindset
- Ability to think-out-of-the-box
- Problem-solving skills
- Macro and Micro view of tackling challenges
- Fine motor skills
- Persistence, Patience & Perservance 
- Teamwork & foster good sportsmanship 
- Develop Confidence and Individuality

During every session per month, kids will be creating and constructing a different model infused with their creativity and display their individuality. Some of the constructions that they will be constructing would be: 
1. Tallest and most stable tower
2. Most Sturdy bridge
3. World's most amazing and out-of-the world ramp
4. Most exciting and creative car to zoom down the ramp
5. " Rubber band" Vehicle
6. Magnificent Catapult to launch a pingpong ball into a cup (This will include teaching of gear ratio and some basic foundations of programming)
7. Finale: SUMOBOT!