25. May 2018 - 20:00 till 23:00
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Morris Day and The Time | Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City | Friday, 25. May 2018

A Mega-Ego sized “M” monogrammed on every flashy jacket, and his cocky gimmickry earned talented vocalist Morris Day glaring spotlight. In front of a gang of musical side-kicks dubbed The Time. Morris Day and his quirky accompanists have carved out a sizable cult following over the past two decades as purveyors of the catchy, contagious, multilayered funk.

Under Morris’ whimsical creative license the bunch quickly landed a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records, and cut their smash debut-album, The Time, where jovial Morris showcased his worth as more than just an animated musician, also directing the album’s production and performance output.

A marketer’s dream, Morris has demonstrated a longevity that wasn’t necessarily intentional. Morris Day’s rarefied musical style marked the 80’s with trademark comical skits, trendsetting stage-gadgetry, and dance and R&B chartbusters like The Walk, 777-9311, Oaktree, and Fishnet.

A scene stealing supporting role in lifelong pal Prince’s Oscar-winning flick PURPLE RAIN, further exhibited Morris’ natural born inclination to act, be it on stage or the big screen.

The 1991 reunion of Morris Day and The Time yielded Pandemonium further symbolizing the group’s enduring lure, and so marked the next millennium’s diagnoses supersized case of Morris-mania.

The famed funksters deliver an “in the flesh” flava that keep generations of fans flapping their limbs to “The Bird” and grooving to “Girl”. Playing to audiences that cross all racial, age, and gender groups, Morris swoons the masses with his “It’s just me and the boys’ style”. The comic music-monger still motivated hysterical laughter when he goes through gyrations with colleague Jerome-antics that nobody gets away with except Morris E. Day. Rendering an accepted form for arrogance, Morris’ slick on stage moves have ranked momentum not witnessed since the legendary Beatles regrouped.

What’s next? As the climatic encored to his superstar tenure Morris is forging ahead with launching of Atlanta-based Morris Day Entertainment, Inc “I don’t want to be on stage singing The Bird at age 60”, he quips. Locating new artists and developing prodigious talent is the focus of the success-destined production company. As a master writer, arranger, producer, and musician Morris Day is in the midst of breathing his second wind into up and coming “Generation-X” performers.

Looks like the indelible Day is planning on entrenching the colorful “Morris-motif” in the hip-hop culture?

Must be 21 or older.