22. November 2019 - 18:30 till 20:45
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Spiritual Alchemy - Turning Life's Challenges Into Opportunity | Underground Yoga | Friday, 22. November 2019

Imagine being able to transform fear, depression, anxiety, and addiction into love, health, & happiness. This transformative power lies within us all; it is our inherent gift and through the right tools and awareness you can become an Alchemist of your world. Join us for a deeply healing & empowering educational experience. Discover the greater YOU & your ability to thrive & heal. Discover what it takes to live in the flow state & activate profound states of meditation for self-healing & empowerment on a regular basis. This workshop will include discussion, breathwork, crystal-grid meditation & a sound journey for activating your inner guru. We will end with a gentle cacao ceremony & community discussion.This workshop will be guided by Brian Assam, a certified Vinyasa and Kundalini instructor and Breathwork facilitator, and Alecia Heimes, a school psychologist, Yoga teacher & Reiki practitioner.$35 -------------------------Stay connect with us: Facebook: Breathe and BelieveInstagram: www.instagram.com/breatheandbelievellcYourtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCDxY3-82CJ-AwAerT123HTg