18. November 2019 - 19:00 till 20:30
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Club of Motherless Daughters | Sloatsburg Library | Monday, 18. November 2019

Club of Motherless Daughters will provide a space where us grieving gals can talk, laugh, cry, support and relate to each other on the loss of a huge, incomparable bond. We will be utilizing an angel book that prompts the group with questions of specific feelings/memories of their Mom and aspects of their loss before, during and after. Purchasing this book is not necessary but it‘s recommended for your own release (there will be writing involved - bring pen and paper if you do not purchase the book). By all means, discussions are open to anything related to your loss - from your spiritual practice to the tools you use to get through it to the relationship you have with your family and the pit that sits in your stomach when you hear her favorite song. Motherless daughters of all ages are welcome here.

*Please note that this applies to ANY maternal figure who was present in your life and not just your biological mother. You must check out with a ticket in order to attend this event.*