14. April 2017 - 16:00
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2nd Annual Down East BBQ Festival | Double Barley Brewing | Friday, 14. April 2017

Call 919-934-3433 to sign up.
Sign up sheet in taproom as well.
Sign up via invite.

Double Barley Brewing
Down East Barbeque Festival
Friday April 14th-Saturday April 15th
(Not a KCBS sanctioned event)

• You are responsible for observing prudent meat temperature and sanitary requirements.
• Each team must provide a regulation fire extinguisher
• Contestants must adhere to all electrical, fire, health and other codes whether local, county, state or federal.
• Anyone consuming alcohol must have ID checked.
• NO LIQUOR allowed on site. We only have a license for beer and wine.

❖ Each team can consist of a Chief Cook and as many assistants they choose.
❖ Each team provides a grill/cooker in the 10' X 20' designated spaces.
❖ Charcoal, wood fire, electric or propane cookers allowed.
❖ Each team provides their own supplies (except meat) including seasonings, cooking and cleaning equipment. Please provide grease pans.
❖ All seasoning and cooking of the product shall be done on site within the teams cooking area.
❖ Please respect teams around you!
❖ ARRIVAL TIME: 3 pm to 6 pm on FRIDAY, APRIL 14th
❖ Each team will be issued 3 pork shoulders (7-8 lbs)
❖ 10' X 20' sites will be assigned. See event staff upon arrival.
❖ Truck/trailer/RV parking is available away from the cooking areas.
❖ Generators are allowed. Electricity is not available.
❖ Blind judging! Judges will not be allowed in event area until after judging.
❖ Entries will be judged by a judging team up to 20 people
❖ Scores from 1-10 in Appearance,Tenderness/Texture, and Taste. Any ties will be determined by pre-selected officials.
❖ We will issue judging containers at registration.
❖ Garnish is allowed but will not be eaten or considered part of the judging.
❖ Product may be presented with or without sauce or seasoning.
❖ No aluminum foil or paper should be in the meat.
❖ No toothpicks or skewers unless CLEARLY visible.
❖ Anything placed in container that identifies your team will eliminate the team.
❖ PLATES must be delivered to judging area between (11:30-12 pm, SATURDAY, APRIL 15TH.