16. June 2017 - 7:00
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301 Endless Yard Sale | 301 Endless Yard Sale | Friday, 16. June 2017

It's the 5th Annual 301 Endless Yard Sale with over 100 miles of antiques, thrift store fines and yard sales with more than 500 vendors along US HWY 301 from Weldon, NC down to Dunn, NC. Sales start at 7am and run to 5pm each day. Please drive safe, don't park on the highway and watch for pedestrians.
  • Truely Unique at 2006 US Hwy 301 South in Wilson NC will have many booths, including Military surplus, knick knacks, books, household goods, kitchen items, art supplies and so much more.
  • Do yall have a list of vendors yall have already
  • HaHa
  • Kristy Jo we need to go to this
  • Patti Fry...y'all come down and we all go to this ....whatcha think Sue Fry
  • Darren Colby
  • Im about ready to hit the yard sales.
  • How do you get a vendor spot
  • Francesca Simone something we need to plan to go
  • Kim Molly Lessie I'm going!!!!
  • Santanna Hunt show this to ur dad. We were talking about this the other day thanks
  • Terri Carroll oh my goodness lol
  • Carolina Tracy
  • Sign me up.
  • Ooooh!
  • Are there hotels near?