03. June 2018 - 10:00
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NY NJ Tantra Hypnosis for Great *** for Men Women by Woman Hypnotist & Tantra Healer | private sessions Tel. 347 610 8741 | Sunday, 03. June 2018

I am experienced hypnotist, Tantra healer, artist.
For private sessions Tel. 347 610 8741
Website: tantrahypnosis4u.com
I help you, your relationship & intimacy, your sexual life will be much better.
Tantra ****** Hypnosis Therapy help sexual issues for men, women, couples.
Hypnosis Fantasy Therapy - You never felt like this before. Relaxing, Ecstasy, Open your Desires, be in your Fantasy.
Many Men have problems with erection - ED, Premature Ejaculation - PE or reaching ******. Tantra Hypnosis can help men to feel Multiple ******. Also many women don't have ******* or have problem reaching ******. Tantra Hypnosis can help women to feel Multiple ******.
I help: - You have Broken Heart or you are go through divorce tough time and you need emotional support, I help you. - Before you want to divorce come to me for help. - Do not divorce. Talk to me first. I will help you keep your marriage. - Dating problem - Start Dating after divorce - Relationship - Learn how to attract women or men + - Energy balancing of mind and body - Expansion and open block of creativity - Low self esteem - Stop smoking - Weight loss - Stop drinking - Anxiety, stress, fear - Public Speaking problem - Past life regression - Age regression
If you need help with any other issues, let me know and I can help you.