14. September 2019 - 10:00 till 11:00
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Bully Proof Workshop: FREE Community Event | Premier Martial Arts Weston | Saturday, 14. September 2019

Premier Martial Arts presents their nationally recognized Bully Proof Program as a free community event for Broward Co. school age children from 5 to 12 years on Saturday, September 14th at 10:00 am. This special event will be held at Premier Martial Arts location at 1375 Shotgun Rd in Sunrise / Weston. Our expert instructors will teach children how to recognize, diffuse, and if needed, protect themselves against bullying situation. Our curriculum provides children with the skills they need to be assertive, smart, strong and most importantly, safe! According to the book, “Bullies and Victims in Schools,” 96% of children will be bullied at least once in their lifetime. 46% of those children will suffer poor grades or will abstain from extra-curricular activities because of the bullying. 2% of those children will commit ******* because of constant harassment from classmates. Our program is designed to give children the confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge needed to defend themselves against bullies. We will cover techniques in that will improve body posture and voice tone so that your son or daughter is less likely to ever be bullied. We will discuss the importance of respect and courtesy and help instill the belief system that “I am valuable and worth protecting.” When those beliefs are instilled in children two things occur. 1) They will have the confidence to stand up for themselves when faced with abuse. 2) They will realize the value of respect and courtesy and will be less likely to bully others. Bully Proof is an event where parents, students, friends, and family members are encouraged to participate.