24. March 2023 - 16:00 till 19:00
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Everybody Toss Your Guns From the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Day | Tacoma Narrows Bridge | Friday, 24. March 2023

We are sick to death of guns. We are going to throw all the guns into the ocean where they will rust back into the evil planet from which they spawned.

UPDATE: this is a real event organized through the church. Our militia of peace warriors have thrown an estimated 7500 pounds of weaponry (hand guns/long guns and assorted melee weapons) into the narrows from the climax of the bridge. We work with a network of religious groups and elected officials to ensure this ritual is done in the most safe and respectable way possible. DO NOT ATTEMPT to retrieve these weapons for they are guarded by a colony of giant octopus. goddess bless you.

UPDATE UPDATE: Dear Friends and fellow peace warriors! We've broken our record pledge on kickstarter! THANKS to all the media coverage, we can now fix the 70 ton hydraulic press and soon begin crushing the guns we have been collecting, up to 15,000 guns so far since last years event! God is on our side! Praise Ramtha!