07. April 2017 - 18:00
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April First Friday Art in the Heights | Tempus Projects | Friday, 07. April 2017

First Friday Art in the Heights is a monthly local art event, where art galleries, studios, and businesses featuring original art, open their doors (6 to 9 p.m.) . Art After Hours is at participating restaurants and bars in the Heights. (9 p.m. to midnight)

Cleanse Apothecary and Urban Bungalow
April's featured artist is David and Patricia Beebe
April First Friday Two for One Join Cleanse Apothecary and Urban Bungalow on April 7th for First Friday Art in the Heights. This month we feature a “Two for One” show featuring the husband and wife duo of David and Patricia Beebe exhibiting their different styles! David Beebe was born in Tampa, FL where he still lives today with his wife Patricia. He has had a camera in hand since 1971. Since retiring from a 35-year career in Information Technology in 2012, he has devoted himself to further developing and fine-tuning his artistic expression. He travels the world seeking amazing wildlife encounters and vistas that inspire his art. David served two terms as president of the North Tampa Arts. He is active in the local art community. His jaguar photos were featured on Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week special “Hunt For The Shadow Cat”. His travel photos and stories have been published in Luxe Beat Magazine. David teaches photography classes at the Life Enrichment Center. Patricia Beebe was born in Tampa, FL where she still lives today with her husband David. She has been painting in watercolor since 1992. Since retiring from a career in Information Technology in 2011, she has devoted herself to further developing and fine-tuning her artistic expression. She travels the world seeking amazing wildlife encounters that inspire her art. She also shoots wildlife videos and her Jaguar video was featured on Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week special “Hunt For The Shadow Cat”. Pat is active in the local art community and teaches watercolor techniques at the Life Enrichment Center
6 to 9 p.m.
6500 N. Florida Ave

The Disco Dolls Studio
April’s feature is a Group Show “ Transformed Electronics”
6 to 9 p.m.
The Disco Dolls Studio has teamed up with Urban E Recycling. Together we have selected a group of local artists and commissioned them with the task of transforming recycled electronics. Come celebrate the art of E Recycling. We are an electronic consuming society, see the new life these artists have reformatted. Artists include Vince Kral, Jon Edwards, Dustin Goolsby, Tiffany McLauchlin, Samantha Churchill, Zachary Hale, Meghan McManus, and Michael Giunta. Explore these featured artists' composition of E transformations.
As always we will have our Studio Punch in the Salon Bar. 4632 N Florida Ave

Susan Gott - Phoenix Glass Studio & Gallery
April's featured artist is Susan Gott
6 to 10 p.m.
Bring the Whole Family for this Educational Opportunity to see the fiery furnaces of the artists’ atelier and the ancient art of blowing and shaping molten glass by hand into an object of beauty. Children are welcome. Handicap accessible and seating is available.
Blown Glass Giftware by Phoenix Studio Artisans will be on display and available.
Phoenix Studio & Gallery
811 East Knollwood St.

Valhalla Resale
April’s featured artist is David Sedillo
6 to 9 p.m.
Join Valhalla while we celebrate the latest works of David Sedillo, Valhalla’s visual design consultant. David studied art since he was a child and then went on to study film in Charleston SC. The pieces on display are a few of the artist’s latest works featuring paintings with gold, silver, and copper leaf. These pieces are the start of a new line of metallic leaf paintings he is creating. The artist will be in the store while champagne and h’orderves are served.
6112 N Central Ave

Red Door No. 5
April's featured artists are Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr and Mary Mirabal.
6 to 9 p.m.
Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr is a modern, expressionist landscape painter. Moved by the beauty in nature, Elizabeth’s paintings capture the incredible colors, light, and hidden energy nature has to offer. In her process she creates her own imaginative interpretation of the world. ” All the colors you see in my paintings exist in nature… I’ve just moved them around a bit. For me, it’s all about the joy of creating something I think is beautiful that I want to share with others.”
Mary Mirabal is an artist and dreamer who paints contemporary abstract expressionist works. In her 50s before picking up a paint brush, Mary soon found a passion in painting. You will see her love of color and her exploration of shapes, textures, and tools in her beautiful abstract paintings inspired by her travels. In her own words, “I paint what inspires me, makes me laugh and brings me joy. Each of my paintings possesses a little bit of my soul, and I like to leave the final interpretation up to the viewer so they can develop their own personal connection to my art. I paint the colors of my soul.”

1910 N. Florida Ave.

Spaddy's Coffee Co.
April's featured artists are Lauren Vanderhoof and Charlie Smith
6 to 10 p.m.
Join us at Spaddy's Courtyard for another night of art, coffee, food, music and fun.
Wing Box Food Truck will be on scene from 6 -10pm.
Lauren Vanderhoof and Charlie Smith will be live painting from 7-10pm.
Salvaged sounds will be spinning vinyl from 7-10pm and In Stitches will be creating her amazing Cross Stitch Art!
5206 N Florida Ave

Studio 1 oh 3
Botanical Alchemy | Art from Nature
7 to 10 p.m.
Paintings by Ginger Lyons | Eco-Printed Scarves & Textiles by Julie Davis | Succulents by Linda Ketley
Join us for an evening of art, beer & wine and conversation.
103 E Genesee Street

Tempus Projects
April's featured artists are Joe Griffith and Julio César Pérez Moracén
6 to 9 p.m.
Tempus Projects presents VACUUM BAIT, new drawings, paintings, objects, and sculptures by Joe Griffith. Inspired by the technological tragedy of the space race, Griffith’s solo exhibition consists of would be odes to these events. Through visual poems, he examines the tragic and mysterious deaths of Amelia Earhart, Elizabeth Short, and the three astronauts who perished in the Apollo 1 mission, Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee.
Born in Tampa in 1969, Griffith has a long history of activism and culture building in the Bay area. He studied and received his BFA at Parsons/New School for Social Research NYC. Since the mid-1990's he has been involved in developing platforms for art projects to enter the social sphere. He co-founded the artist collaborative group Experimental Skeleton, Inc. in 1997. From 2004-2009 he spearheaded Flight 19, a gallery at Tampa's Union Train Station that was a partnership between the City of Tampa and Experimental Skeleton. A 2004 recipient of the Rauschenberg Grant, Griffith has worked on fabrication projects for numerous artists and designers including Yoko Ono, Keith Edmier and Negativland, as well as commercial projects for theme parks and other public agencies from the early 1990's to the present day, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando.
Artist in Residence, Project Space
Tempus Projects is pleased to host acclaimed Cuban sculptor Julio César Pérez Moracén in its artist-in-residence program. This is the first in a series of artist exchanges between Tempus and the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba.
In April 2016, a small group of Tempus board members, donors, and volunteers traveled to Havana to visit the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Art (Cuba’s National Academy of Art) to establish connections with the director of the Academy, Sandra Fuentes Guevara, her faculty, and to tour the school’s facilities. The Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro" is the oldest and most prestigious fine arts school in Cuba, originally founded in 1818 under the Spanish Monarchy. Today, the school is one of seven institutions under the Cuban Ministry of Culture dedicated to the study of the arts and continues to be considered a politically and culturally important entity. The school is founded on the belief that all citizens should have access to art and, as per Director Sandra Fuentes, “if there is a talent, we have a responsibility
to train.”
Julio César Pérez Moracén was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1963. He graduated with a degree in Sculpture and Drawing from the José Joaquín Tejada School of Visual Arts in Santiago de Cuba in 1983, and in 1991 graduated from the University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba with a degree in art history. Currently he serves as Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Council for the Development of Environmental and Monumental Sculpture in Havana Province, and is a professor of sculpture at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro" in Havana.
4636 N Florida Ave

“After Hours Art”

Fodder and Shine
April's featured artists is JP Roff
9 p.m. to midnight
Fodder and Shine will be featuring JP Roff: Tampa artist utilizing acrylic and canvas. He has been selling his art around the US for the past 5 years; enjoys sharing a slight cartoon in each piece so people can smile a little when they look at his work. Themes include trees, abstracts and a few personalities...
5910 N Florida Ave

Zoe Yoga Lifestyle and Illsol Gallery & Studio Space
April’s featured artist is Michelle Sawyer & Tony Krol
8 p.m. to midnight
First Friday Community Groove & Live Art
Come out and move and groove with your community as we sync our Community Groove Party with First Fridays and Art in The Heights! We have a live DJ, Mr. Bongos, killer light show and a beautiful space to come out and dance or mingle with others. Come watch art being made by our amazing Muralists Michelle Sawyer & Tony Krol of Illsol in our magical courtyard. Please spread the word and BYOB. We can't wait to meet you and grow stronger ties to our amazing neighbors and neighborhood.

At Illsol
Get it Together is the debut exhibit of Illsol Space, the working studio and gallery space of the duo “Illsol.” The art exhibit features 23 artists, mostly from the Tampa Bay area. The artwork shown is in a variety of mediums in the artists own comfortable style from small to large scale paintings. Artists Featured in this exhibit are: Brian Butler, Matt Callahan, Chris Clark, Chris Parks, Tes One, Jay Giroux, Noah Deledda, Perry Devick, Phil Holt, Cory Robinson, Allen Hampton, Yvonne Ferguson, Dave Rau, Chad Mize, Chad Cardoza, Sarah Guiffrida, Carlos Pons, Paz Adam Dunning, Tony Krol, Michelle Sawyer, Cam Parker, Jujmo

2742 & 2744 N. Florida Ave