03. December 2019 - 12:00 till 13:15
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Gold Star Referral Clubs- Tracy Connections | M & J Bistro | Tuesday, 03. December 2019

Gold Star Referral Clubs is a professional networking group for local business people wanting to grow their business through referrals.The primary goal of the club is to build quality relationships, give solid referrals, and to support,educate and learn from each other. This is done through weekly meetings and short, individual 1-to-1's where members learn more about each other's businesses & needs.Each meeting follows a purposeful agenda geared toward bringing more business our members. Each Gold Star Member shares a 60-Second Infomercial about their products and services with the group. Guests are encouraged to share as well, provided there is no Member in the same business category. Each meeting also includes a 10-minute business presentation by a group member, which is scheduled in advance. This lets each member share about their products & services, business philosophy and what makes them unique from the competition in a friendly, group setting.Members are encouraged to attend the other clubs in Gold Star Groups in our area (we call this Cross Clubbing) where they can make additional connections and share their business during 60-second infomercials, provided there is no member in the same category.
Guests may visit a Gold Star Group twice before joining - but since we are a Closed Category group, we encourage visitors to join promptly if their category is not yet taken.
There are more than 12 clubs in the Central Valley. Please feel free to contact Mary Matthews at (209)602-7028 or Carla Carroll at (209)833-3338 for information on where your catagory is open for representation.