26. May 2018 - 18:00 till 23:30
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Lukie D. Film Viewing Party | Brother John's Beer, Bourbon & BBQ | Saturday, 26. May 2018

Join us for an exciting food tasting evening and viewing party, as you watch Diaspora Showcase presents a preview of the film LUKIE D., featuring the Jamaican sensational vocalist Lukie D., whose music repertoire includes Cantatas, R & B, Pop, Choral songs and Reggae. The film traces the musical journey of Lukie D. from his own narrative lenses and interviews, to his one-day garage rehearsal with Tucson's Rockers Uptown band, which led to a pre-concert performance at a local pub, The Hut. After the film, relax and enjoy the music spinning of the legendary New York DJ Chuck Chillout, or put on your dancing shoes and dance to the beats of the 90's and today's top hits.
About Lukie D

Lukie D (born Michael Kennedy, 1972, Cockburn Pen, Jamaica)  is poular for his reggae hits,  but he is also known for his singing style, which cuts across all genre of music, be it Pop, Country, R & B, Jazz, Operatic tunes, Gospel or Folk music.
His recording sessions produced his biggesthit, "Centre Of Attraction", alongside combination hits with Lieutenant Stitchie("Don't Deny Me") and Beenie Man and Black Pearl ("Bag It Up"). Lukie D joined the Firehouse Crew, noted for fostering the careers of Luciano and Sizzla. While with the Firehouse Crew he released his debut, "Centre Of Attraction", featuring combinations with Mikey Spice and DJ Determine. He also released a series of hits, including "I Won't Let You Go", "Lonely Nights", "Let Me Love You Now", "Heavy Load" and "You've Got It Going". His success allowed him to commute between Jamaica and the United States, where he became acquainted with more diverse musical influences, resulting in the broadening of his repertoire. In 1997 he released a 20-track compilation featuringcover versions of AC/DC's "You Shook Me" and Queen's "We Will Rock You".

About DJ Chuck Chillout
The legendary Chuck Chillout began his illustrious career on 98.7 Kiss-FM in 1982. Chuck Chillout was one of the first D.J.s to become world renown include Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa and Slick Rick. “Hip-hop was fun and energetic during this time. Hip-hop was just growing so there was a lot of creativity and great liver performances”, says Chuck about the hip-hop community in 1982. “Run-DMC and Whodini were some of the best live performances during this time.”
After leaving 98.7 Kiss FM, Chuck broke new waves at 107.5 WBLS FM for two years. In 1992, Chuck became a VJ for the top rated hip-hop video show in New York City, Video Music Box. Chuck blazed new trails in 1995 by becoming one of the first D.J.’s to play hip-hop music in Japan. Hip-hop artists like Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest and Run DMC became know in Japan as a result. “Hip-hop was very popular in Japan”, says Chuck, “The people there knew the history of the artist I was playing as well as mine. Japanese people were totally into the culture.”
In 1996, Chuck helped break current superstar DMX by being one of the first DJ’s to play his debut smash hit, “Get At Me Dog.” “I knew this record was going to be a smash because it was different from what was being played on the radio:’ Chuck says about DMX. “ The beat was hot and delivery was different.”
 Chuck established Full Blast Promotions in 1999. Full Blast Promotions is New Jersey’s premier record pool. “I established Full Blast Promotions in New Jersey because there was a need for a premier record pool in New Jersey”, Chuck says regarding Full Blast. “D.J.’S in New Jersey were hungry for a company such as Full Blast to step up and take over. Full Blast will continue to grow in the new millennium.”
 Chuck’s affiliation with old and new school Hip-Hop and R&B has helped him land the title of one of today’s most sought after DJ’s. Most recently his participation in the Essence Music Festival & Cruise has escalated his career to new heights.