29. August 2019 - 16:30 till 18:30
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Carson & Barnes Circus Presents CircusSaurus - Tulsa, OK | West of Plaza Santa Cecilia | Thursday, 29. August 2019

Carson & Barnes Circus is proud to present the 2019 production of Circus Saurus!​
With the dawn of a new day comes a new era under the Big Top, and those that were once extinct will re-emerge again – right before your eyes! Be our guest as we transform the Big Top into a time machine and embark on an adventure of a lifetime!
Be amazed as dinosaurs shake the very ground we walk on. Our **** of Deinoychus – Rumble, Rascal and Rebel – will transport you back in time and show you why dinosaurs ruled the land!​
The extinct giants of the past and the endangered Asian elephants of today clash under the Big Top in this high thrilling adventure.
See all this and more when Circus Saurus comes to your town!
For more information call 580-743-7292 or visit us at www.BigTopShow.com.