15. June 2012 - 20:00
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Prayers for Becky | Washington State | Friday, 15. June 2012

Let's have a big group prayer/positive thoughts sending today! Becky needs some prayers for comfort from the pain & healing to get her out of the hospital & back to her home w/her husband & daughter! If you can, please join in at your corresponding time for an 8pm central time prayer! Please add anyone you may feel would be willing to join in. You don't need to know a person to pray for them :) Thank you so much for your support!
Very briefly for those who may not know, Becky is a young wife & mother to a beautiful 10mo old daughter. They currently live in Washougal, Washington. She is only 32 & has been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of metastatic melanoma. In April, she found out that the cancer had spread to her brain. Her prognosis is very poor, though she remains strong & determined to keep up the fight!
  • in case you didn't see this....
  • UPDATE: Becky is feeling better and getting stronger each day, she even felt up to a night out to dinner! Becky's parents have been in WA helping out since the 15th of June, which is very much appreciated! Please continue your prayers & words of encouragement for Becky & her family!
  • UPDATE: Becky was in good spirits tonight, sharing another meal brought by some great friends! Thank you everyone for your continued support in the fight! Please feel free to check out the caringbridge site & leave a positive note :)
  • UPDATE: Becky went to Chemo today. Tonight, she was able to enjoy dinner and a visit with some good friends. Thank you to all for your continued prayers, support and well wishes during this time. They are staying strong and will continue to keep up the fight! Don't forget to visit the caringbridge page :)
  • I just requested to join the group page.
  • Just thought I'd re-post for those who may have missed it.... we also have a group page set up on FB for friends of Becky & her family, if anyone would like to join that as well, it has the same name: Prayers For Becky