12. May 2018 - 20:00 till 23:00
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Pink - Vancouver | Rogers Arena | Saturday, 12. May 2018

Pink - Vancouver
  • Stephanie Alexcee 😭 everyone else agrees that these prices are outrageous
  • Anyone selling tickets for a reasonable price?
  • What's your Favourite Song by P!nk???
  • Brittney Smaha birthday present hahahehe 😊💕
  • Some of my best memories when I was little was my mom taking me to concerts, I would have loved to share this tradition with my daughter who absolutely adores Pink. Unfortunately, with tickets starting at about $400 and going to $1,500 EACH there's absolutely no way I can carry on this tradition :(
  • Super disappointed in prices! Guess this concert is a no go!!
  • Are people seriously paying these prices for tickets? It’s insane. It should be illegal 😞
  • Pink do you see the cost of these tickets!!!!! How do people afford this😞
  • Yes, you have to decide a couple hour show or a weekend vacation
  • Pink is an amazing artist, and I totally respect talent... but these ticket prices are outrageous. Especially when our whole family of 4 would love to see her. No way could we justify those prices. 😢😢😢
  • I am completely for Artists being paid for their time and all,but with today's economy, who can really afford these prices??
  • Why are these tickets so expensive?? Was excited to go, but I will not be going now with those sky high prices.......Yuck
  • wow....that's a pity and a shame....let me check my old lotto ticket
  • So expensive, can't afford to take my daughter ! This is shameful and gross Pink, boo.
  • I would love to go but that is way to much for me.
  • Brian Li Kohlschreiber
  • Wish they weren’t so expensive my 4 year old and myself absolutely love her.
  • I love pink but those prices think I’ll pass
  • These ticket prices are Outrageous... Get a grip...
  • Saw her in Scotland and Vegas, all great shows... can't wait to see her again
  • Looking for two tickets!! Pm pls
  • Jeanne Manning-fenwick wanna go?
  • Still one of my favourite shows