04. December 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Encounter: A Healing Prayer Ministry of Church of the Free (2019) | Vienna Presbyterian Church | Wednesday, 04. December 2019

To Make an Appointment:
In order to participate in Encounter you will need to make an appointment. Please "purchase" your free ticket to the day you want to come and we'll contact you with additional details.  We limit registration to one participant for each encounter so that we can make sure you receive all the Lord wants to give you.
We ask that you show up at 7:00.  You will be welcomed by our greeting team with some light refreshments and drinks.  Your session with our full team will start at 7:15.  We can't know exactly how long your encounter session will last.  Some go 20 minutes. Others, go a full hour.  Plan for anything in that range. 
At Encounter, we respect your privacy.  Everything about your time with us will be kept confidential, including your participation. You are free to let people know about us and our ministry, but we will never let anyone know you participated.