31. July 2019 - 16:00 till 18:00
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Winning Ways to Network to Get Results | Pembroke Building 4 | Wednesday, 31. July 2019

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, The "Red Hawk," welcomes you to our third Winning Ways to Network to Get Results Seminar. 
Are you struggling to get results from your networking? Elizabeth knows the pain that can bring; it is tiring and discouraging to have your efforts be fruitless. It feels impossible! This event will kickstart the process into making your efforts count. We welcome networkers of all skill levels to enter, the from newbies to the experts needing a little refresher. Bring your business cards and get ready to connect.

The Red Hawk will guide you through the turbulant waters of networking as she discusses these key skills:

How to strategically see the room when you enter. Where are your opportunities and where should you avoid?

How to give and receive a proper introduction. Are you setting up a conversation starter while boosting their image? Are they returning the favor?

Who you should approach first

Who you should not talk to

Body Language to flawlessly glide through the room

MUSTS to be aware of... others see these things... do you?

Bring your questions; we would love to hear them

Time & Place:
291 Independence Blvd, Suite 515. Pembroke building 4. BNI Headquarters. 
Registration begins at 5:15pm
Speaker begins at 6:00pm
Sunset Cruise begins shortly after Winning Ways to Network. Estimated departure is 8pm. 

Due to limited seating, please inform the organizer of the event if you will no longer be able to attend if you have completed the registration process. Elizabeth@duncan-hawker.com

The United Way Memorial Fund:
100% of proceeds will be donated to The United Way Memorial Fund. This organization's funds go to the victims of senseless tradegy in the Virginian Community. This type of donation is considered a form of personal gift and is not tax deductible. If you would like to donate additionally to the cause, there link is below.