28. January 2018 - 11:30 till 18:00
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Nemo Tunnel Time! | Wartburg, Tennessee | Sunday, 28. January 2018

Get ready for a Crew favorite when we head out to the Haunted Train Tunnel and trail. The Crew will meet up at the Walmart in Oak ridge (373 South Illinois Ave) by 11:30, convoy out at by 12 noon. Bring a lunch, snacks for a day's ride. We will stop to eat & take bathroom break at at Obed River Park. We will go thru the Old Nemo Train tunnel and take the trail around it and down to the river. Stock Jeeps can manage with no problems.
  • Make sure you go by the Lillypad Hopyard Brewery that's upriver from Nemo in Lilly. Great beer made with hops grown on site, and some good food too. Even live music sometimes. Cool place.
  • I hear there is so much broken glass through there now...wouldn't that be a hazard on tires?
  • Kenneth Brimm u all wanna go to this