16. March 2017 - 10:00
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The African American Art World in 20th-Century Washington, DC | National Gallery of Art | Thursday, 16. March 2017

Speakers include Rhea Combs, Gwendolyn H. Everett, Paul Gardullo, Tuliza Fleming, Jacqueline Francis, Lauren Haynes, Amy Kirschke, Steven Nelson, Robert G. O'Meally, Richard J. Powell, Jacquelyn D. Serwer, Jeffrey Stewart, John A. Tyson, and Tobias Wofford. The symposium will also feature a panel of artists including Lilian T. Burwell, Floyd Coleman, David C. Driskell, Sam Gilliam, Keith A. Morrison, Martin Puryear, Sylvia Snowden, and Lou Stovall.
*A Wyeth Foundation for American Art Symposium*