10. September 2020 - 19:00 till 22:00
2016 9th St NW, Washington
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Andy's Pizza Masterclass - naturally leavened dough, pizza, and baking | Thursday, 10. September 2020

An all-encompassing class on dough and pizzamaking for a NY style pizza. Bottomless beer, wine, and pizzamaking for 10 friends!

About this Event

This event is a part of Save DC Eats to help DC cling to our thriving food culture. It has no set date, please coordinate for a day and time that works best for your crew!

Learn how to make pizza with Andy the way it was meant to be made. You will learn about naturally leavened dough, pizzamaking fundamentals, the importance of sourcing, and you will even learn how to use your dough for artisan bread baking.

Andy's Pizza has 3 locations - McLean, Shaw, and Navy Yard - with more coming soon. Prior to opening up Andy's Pizza, Andy founded Eat Pizza, a now nationwide frozen pizza manufacturing company that still opens dough by hand.

The beer and wine is bottomless and the oven is hot. You will be cooking at your own risk like you own the pizzeria!

This is a ticket for 10 people to come in for a 2 (maybe 3, maybe 4) hour evening of pizza, drinking, and cooking.