02. October 2020 - 19:00
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Bohemian Blade Level 2 Intensive - Technician - DC | Bohemian Belly Dance Studio | Friday, 02. October 2020

Bohemian Blade Sword Intensive
Level 2- Technician  Washington, DC
Take the next step in your Bohemian Blade Dancing by getting technical. In this Level II weekend Intensive we explore new transitions, level changes, floor work, non-dominant exercises and more! Belladonna keeps your skill building on track with over nine and half more hours of training!! This unique sword belly dance program has been systematically designed to help you improve your technique, confidence, and stage presence and to bring purpose and power to your practice and performances.
Friday7pm-9pm: Intro to the concepts of Level 2No sword necessary, but bring notebook
Saturday10am- 5pm: Training7:30pm-10pm: Sea of Swords Hafla
Sunday11:00- 2:00 Training2:30-4pm: Test
**Participants must be Level 1 certified
** Please bring your sword, a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap and your note book
** Please bring knee pads (soft volley ball knee pads recommended), athletic pre wrap/ foam wrap and toe-less/ heel-less socks suggested