25. June 2017 - 12:00 till 15:00
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Freedom Of Speech Rally | Lincoln Memorial | Sunday, 25. June 2017

In light of the dramatic increase in anti-Free Speech sentiment, legislative activity, violence (e.g., terrorist actions by “AntiFA”), and law enforcement activity (e.g., the LEO stand-down orders in Berkeley, CA), we the Free Speech Movement are gathered here to reaffirm a commitment to the basic necessity of Freedom of Speech in civil society. We believe in speech as the mode by which we are both empowered to express our beliefs, and as the crucial instrument that allows us to peacefully reconcile differences that arise within an ideologically diverse community. Without the freedom to exercise this right, individuals possess no means by which they can settle their differences through persuasion and compromise, leaving them with no recourse other than leveraging the power of the state or using extrajudicial force against their ideological opponents. No free society can long survive when there is no peaceful outlet for resolving differences.

It is as such that we gather to protest the encroachment of tyranny and demand that our educational, political, cultural, and law enforcement institutions aggressively defend this most sacred and inalienable right that has been under attack for far too long.

I urge everyone who is coming to park elsewhere and take a taxi to the location. We will be meeting in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

-Richard Spencer
-Nathan Damigo
-Augustus Invictus
-Jason Kessler
-Irma Hinojosa
-Baked Alaska
-James Allsup
-Connor Groce
-Matthew Lyons
-Brien James