28. December 2016 - 17:00
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The Great Ask #TheGreatAsk | NORWESCAP Career & Life Transitions Center | Wednesday, 28. December 2016

NORWESCAP Career & Life Transitions Center needs to provide a better program, more sessions, and more workshops. The business world is not the same as it was 10-20 years ago when the Displaced Homemaker Program began. In today's job market, employers have higher expectations of the skill set they want to hire. Advanced skills, advanced certifications, and degrees offer a way to move forward, as well as upward.
To maintain is one thing, to advance, another. To truly provide relevant and “now” skills and resources for our clients requires more than basic funding. Our current goal, for our 'The Great Ask' is $50,000. This number will enable us to develop and implement programs next year focused on existing needs in the job market. Our programs will continue to provide career outcomes for women, having served over 200 so far this year, but expand to ensure more job-stability, career advancement, raises commensurate with experience and education, and all things moving women forward in their work.
2017 has all the makings of being our best year ever. We are engaged, excited and committed to bringing more, offering better for today’s woman.
So here it is.
Our great "Ask".
Would you consider purchasing a ticket to help us achieve this $50,000 mission?
Your contribution can be made through this online ticket, or give us a call at 908-835-2624 or 908-788-1453 to schedule an appointment with Dawn Hartfelder and/or Marybeth Ringo the Community Outreach team at NORWESCAP CLTC.
Would you be willing to join us?