05. October 2018 - 8:30 till 12:30
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Guiding Loved Ones Through Grief Due to Loss by ******* | Wendt Center For Loss and Healing | Friday, 05. October 2018

Instructor: Susan Greynolds, LPC, Ed.D
3 CEUs available
The grief process for those who have had a loved one die by ******* is often laden with shame, stigma, and anger, and even guilt. Therapy is often the only safe place for family members to talk openly and candidly about the complex feelings related to this loss. Yet, for many clinicians death by ******* is unfamiliar territory; what do you say, how do you navigate the complexities presented; how do you facilitate healing. Participants in this workshop will gain meaningful knowledge about complicated grief related to death by ******* and learn techniques to promote successful healing in both individual and group interventions. The role of media will be discussed along with healing for clinicians who have had clients die by *******. This workshop is designed for mental health clinicians at all licensure levels and areas of practice.