01. August 2018 - 11:00
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THE HBCU MUSEUM: YESTERDAY, TODAY and Tomorrow! | 7610a Georgia Ave | Wednesday, 01. August 2018

The HBCU Museum captures the legacies and legends of Yesterday, as we transition Today, for a stronger Tomorrow. Our goal is to highlight the accomplishments of not only HBCUs, but some of their most accomplished graduates. Our mission is to align ourselves with HBCUs, collect partial and full/partial scholarships from them, and award them to qualified under privileged applicants. Eligible students will be required to attend 2 in person interviews and give a speech to the board as to why they should receive a free scholarship. All decisions will be voted on by the board and the results will be emailed to the students. The students who are selected for scholarship placement will have to maintain a 3.0 gpa in order to retain their HBCU scholarship status. In addition to our scholarship program we will provide free weekly tutoring sessions for local high school and college students with a valid student ID. We will also organize business seminars and conferences with HBCU key note speakers and stream them to HBCU campuses nationwide.