27. November 2045 - 0:00
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Hemp can Save the Humans | The White House | Monday, 27. November 2045

The amount of money spent on diseases that cannabis could prevent equal the military budget. If people need another reason to be active, it is in reversing the Treaty One, immediately. Stop that legislation that prevents this plant from being used by billions of people in the world, for whom that is really their only source of analgesia and anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-malarial, anti-anxiolitic and anti-psychotics. I believe cannabis is a dietary essential for all 7 billion people in it's ability to prevent conditions as well as treat conditions that could already exsist. Cannabis International seeks to assemble a coalition of countries to propose an amendment to Convention One Treaty to remove cannabis. Then, to develop a broad profile ruderalis type plant that is hardy across a wide range of environments and agricultural skill level. Cannabis International will partner with Luxembourg for high volume seed production I order to provide 1 billion pounds of seed to those subsisting on $1/day. So we give them a pound of cannabis, they put it in the ground, they get essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, essential cannabinoid acids, ...we're trapping 5 billion acres of CO2, and we produce the most healthiest people on the planet, and the first become last and we have a clinical study but we cant call it a clinical study because that a crime because this drug has no benefits, but it would be an amazing thing to see a billion people who no longer develop Heart disease or Diabetes and are doing well. Currently working on a strain called Carbon Capture and Storage, that could provide leaf and flower running 20+% CBD. Why would you deprive a child of the possibility of preventing tumors, or the possibility of preventing Diabetes? — Dr. William Courtney (assorted excerpts)