28. June 2018 - 18:00 till 20:00
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Listening Club: Food Freedom with Health Coach Lina Salazar | The Yard - Eastern Market Coworking Office Space | Thursday, 28. June 2018

PODCAST LISTENING CLUB: #003 / Food Freedom with Co-Host Lina Salazar, Live Well 
Behold.Her, LiveWell and Sweet Green join forces to hold a podcast club series around food freedom for women in the DMV at The Yard.  Food freedom touches on a variety of issues such as body image, eating disorders, emotional eating, binge eating, self-esteem, fat acceptance, among others. The Listening Club series on food freedom will be a space to have constructive and uplifting discussions around women’s tricky relationship with food/body.
Sometimes we’re aware of it, sometimes we aren’t, but the fear of gaining weight or being fat scares most women. As a result, we become obsessed about what we should or shouldn’t eat, how we should or shouldn’t look.
These thoughts determine the way we experience food and relate to our bodies. We often feel guilt or shame after we eat or look at ourselves in the mirror. For some women this is a mild obsession, for others it turns into an eating disorder.
The opposite of this state of insanity is food freedom, a place in which we’re able to enjoy food and people around us, forgive ourselves when we eat too much and don’t try to “correct” it for the sake of weight-loss, and feel more at ease in our own skin.
Food freedom doesn’t come once we’re able to change our shape and size. We achieve it when we transform the way we think. For June’s Listening Club, we take a step in that direction and challenge the way we think about fat, dieting, body acceptance, health and wellness. Join us if you want to have an open, non-judgemental conversation about making peace with food and our bodies.
Episode / Please listen to “Tell Me I’m Fat” on This American Life before the event! 
Key Talking Points 

Food freedom

Fatphobia in modern society

Body acceptance

Diet mentality

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House Rules

No phones will be used until the end of the event

No discussion about work or what you do 

What Your Ticket Includes 
Your ticket includes drinks, Sweetgreen salads, a private venue, and kickass company.
Want to Volunteer? 
Please email beboldbeher@ discuss work-trade options. We have ONE trade spot for someone who wants to help with signin and seating guests for free entry to the event. 
What Do I Wear?
Casual. Show up as you are - we don't care if you don't have makeup on. You do you girl. 
Did Something Come Up?
If you purchased a ticket and you’re unable to attend, your ticket will be donated to someone else. For any questions please forward them to beboldbeher@gmail.com. We do not do refunds. All proceeds assist us with strengthening our services to the community and improving our services. 
Wanna Know More?
Please visit the website to dive in deeper with the mission:  visit the Instagram page and see how many have shared a part of their story! 
Photography Disclaimer
By purchasing this ticket you are giving full permission for images to be used online and be submitted for publication. The copyright and ownership is granted to Leah Beilhart of BEHOLD.HER, LLC. You give the right for the images and audio to be used for marketing, promotion, and shared on social media along with those who partner with the brand for the event that you’re attending. ONLY the interviews are recorded. All conversation held at the table is private and will not be shared. These images can be used for social media, but requests will not be taken to provide alternate images for professional use.
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