01. May 2017 - 14:00 till 17:00
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May Day Action: Immigrants and Workers March | Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C. | Monday, 01. May 2017

We are a nation of immigrants.

We work, we build, we raise families, we vote.


As attacks on immigrants and refugees continue to come under the Trump administration, it's important that we unite together and show the President that we will not be intimidated and we demand respect and fairness.

On May 1st (May Day), let's come together in Washington and show the world we will not be intimidated by the attacks on immigrants in our country and those seeking opportunity in the United States.
  • We would love to see your smiling faces on social media. If you support our campaign, please share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram using the hashtags #maydayaction, #riseup, #mayday
  • Looking forward to joining you all on Monday, May 1st, for the May Day Action: Immigrants and Workers March. If you have any questions or want to volunteer, please contact Alma Couverthie at acouverthie@wearecasa.org. For all press inquiries, contact Fernanda Durand at fdurand@wearecasa.org.
  • Interested in volunteering for the March on May 1st? Please e-mail Alma Couverthie at acouverthie@wearecasa.org.
  • “'At Facebook, we’re committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and speaking up,' a spokesman wrote in an emailed statement. 'We support our people in recognizing International Workers’ Day and other efforts to raise awareness for safe and equitable employment conditions.'"
  • United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions referred to people crossing the border in a prepared speech as "filth" today. During his speech he omitted the phrase, but it is clear just what this administration things of immigrants. Help us spread the word and join us May 1st as we march to the White House!! #MayDayAction #RiseUp
  • Are you marching this May 1st? Tell us why it's important to you. #MayDayAction #Resist #HereToStay
  • If you can't make it to D.C. join us in Harrisburg, PA on May 1st! Stayed tuned for more events near you. #MayDayAction #HeretoStay #Resist
  • These disgusting trends are gaining more and more traction nationwide. #MayDayAction is just one day but we must continue to fight everyday. Keep active in your communities and get involved in your local politics. If you don't, they will! #heretostay #riseup #mayday
  • Great news Veronica will get to stay with her family. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Daily families are tormented by the fear that their loved ones can be ripped away from them. Will you stand with us for #MayDayAction!
  • Everyday hundreds of thousands of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers labor to feed to this country. This is why we march on #MayDayAction to make sure that they have a voice! Join us
  • Sin Duda Estaré En La Marcha *** Toda La Familia.
  • I will attend, Insha-Allah.
  • Get ready for Women March Part II with #maydayaction. I can not wait to stand with immigrants, their families and loved ones to ensure our country's true heritage is preserved. That we will always be a nation of immigrants, refugees, and entrepreneurs searching for a better life!
  • 5 people were arrested by ICE yesterday as they showed up the scheduled appointments with USCIS! Of the five people arrested only two had "minor traffic offenses" three had no criminal records at all. Are you ready to stand with us and declare that this is not right? Join us May 1st for #MayDayAction!
  • Great news that Daniel is expected to be released today! But we cannot rest and you know this administration wont. The time is now for us to stand up for what is right. Join us for #MayDayAction on May 1st, 2017.
  • Absolutely tragic! Armed ICE Agents kick down a door and shoot a 52 year old father in front of his family. This is why we cannot have overzealous ICE agents rampaging through our communities without impunity. We need bills like the #MDTRUSTAct to protect our families. Call your legislators and let them know to support immigrant families! #MayDayAction
  • After dropping his son off at school, Jesus Peraza was arrested by ICE. Now his lawyers and the Baltimore City Council are calling out the Trump Administration and for target people without criminal records. "If there's any other reason an ICE agent thinks they might be a threat, they can be arrested. While under Obama, they were instructed to target people who had been convicted of crimes," said Jared Jaskot said. We can't let families like the Perazas be ripped apart. Join us May 1st and stand with immigrant families in demanding justice!
  • Day after an ICE raid in La Cruces the "public schools saw a sixty-per-cent spike in absences compared to the previous week—twenty-one hundred of the district’s twenty-five thousand students missed school. Two thousand students stayed away again the next day." We cannot allow our kids development and education suffer because of this administrations racist tactics. Stand with us and immigrant students across the country on May 1st!
  • Take the pledge to join us on May 1st for #MayDayAction. Let us know why you support a diverse country that welcomes immigrants, refugees, and Muslims.
  • Announcing #MayDayAction
  • Several months ago, we came up with the idea for an Immigrants March on Washington to bring people together to resist and oppose Trump's disastrous, racist agenda for America. In the past two months, many of us have had our worst fears realized. Every day we hear about friends and neighbors being stopped for papers. Every day we see people stopped at airports from legally entering the country. Every day families are living in fear that this will be the day that a father, a mother or a child will be ripped out of their hands and deported. Beating these policies, beating back Trump and protecting the values that this country holds dear requires more than a march, it requires a movement. Over the past two months, after many productive conversations with organizers and experts, life-long advocates within the immigration movement and logistical specialists, it became clear that a problem of this size couldn't be addressed with just a one-off event in Washington...in fact, it became clear that the focal point shouldn't really be on Washington in the first place. The focal point needs to be in the communities, where immigrants play a critical and positive role in making America work. Having folks in Washington might look good on TV, but having folks participate in events across America would have a much more powerful effect. That's why we're proud to announce that we've partnered with CASA as well as a whole host of other groups as part of a MOVEMENT to address the Trump administration's assault on our families and our values. What does that mean for us? Well, in order to accommodate the many hundreds of events already organized around the country, we have decided to move the event to May 1st. Since the very moment we thought about this event, we knew that it needed to be something that didn't just serve the communities that it was seeking to highlight, but it needed to be OF the communities that it was seeking to highlight. As we went down the road of talking to and collaborating with others, we realized that May 1st is already a date that has significance within the community, we also realized that a whole lot of organizing energy was going into putting on events on that date. What would it say about us if we had decided to keep the May 6th date, and told all the many hundreds and thousands of people who are organizing events on the first, "That's great, but we are going to do our own thing." How would that have been constructive for the movement? To divide people, force them to make decisions on whether they should go to events on May 1st or May 6th, create confusion, division...how would that have been helpful to the cause? It's within that spirit that we bring our event in line with the other events taking place across the country. We NEED to work together, we need to plan together and we need to stand together. Having this event on May 6th when everyone else worked on May 1st would have been wrong. We know that for most folks, this won't be a big deal, for those that it is, either because of work schedules or travel arrangements that have been made, we're sorry, we really are, and plan to reach out to you personally to discuss over the next week. Please understand that we didn't make this decision lightly, that we made it with the fundamental belief that this was what was best for everyone who is trying to resist Trump.
  • Dear Friends, Supporters and Allies- Thank you all for continued support and patience. As you might imagine, putting together an event of this magnitude takes a lot of work. Since we launched, we've worked to include the leading immigration groups and allies to ensure that we don't just create an event, we start a movement. On Monday, March 20th, at 11AM EST, please join us on Facebook Live for a press conference to announce actions in DC and around the country this May. For those of you that have reached out to volunteer, we will reach out to you soon with opportunities both in person and from the comfort of your own home. Together, we will have our voices heard. Best, Erick
  • If in DC, please join me tomorrow.
  • "Ashgar Farhadi won his second Oscar, but he decided not to attend tonight’s ceremony after President Trump signed an executive order barring visa-holders from Iran and six other countries to enter the United States. "In his place, Farhadi sent two prominent Iranian-Americans in his place to the ceremony: Anousheh Ansari, the first female private space traveler, and Firouz Naderi, a former director at NASA."
  • "'The American dream of the 21st century is to be an America of inclusion not of exclusion,' Andrés, a Spanish immigrant who became a U.S. citizen three years ago, told the crowd as he advocated for immigrant protections. 'I am an immigrant and a proud American immigrant. Together, we can keep moving this amazing country forward.'"