25. March 2017 - 19:00
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Patients Deserve More: Save Our ACA Healthcare | Washington | Saturday, 25. March 2017

ONLINE EVENT: Focus Save our healthcare WASHINGTON DC
Patients across America came very close to mass genocide by our leaders in Washington on 03/24/17. Essential Health Benefits (maternity, hospitalization, prescription medication, etc) were voted on by Congress and approved. Next, the gut wrenching moment, of Eliminating the ACA, including pre existing condition. Millions would have been given death sentences, had this legislation not been pulled, last minute. To preserve the protections under ACA, our lives, we must actively preserve the ACA. Republicans are devout in destroying and sabatoging the bill, that gives many of us life. Continue the crusade of awareness, activism, and promoting the ACA, before  we witness another travesty that succeeds. 
According to Trump and Paul, we have 24 months to succeed. The appeals of specific ACA are already law. How they will use these appeals, to make life harder on us, is yet to be seen.