19. September 2020 - 9:00
Online, Washington
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Taking Action for Animals Online | Saturday, 19. September 2020

We’re going virtual! The leading national conference in the animal advocacy movement, Taking Action for Animals, which brings together HSUS volunteers and advocates from across the country to better the lives of animals and people alike, will now be an interactive virtual conference experience.

Gain a better understanding of the many issues animals **** in our society and learn how to take action in your community through lobbying, education and other citizen advocacy. Over the weekend participate in sessions where you will learn how to help end puppy mills, fur farms, factory farming and cosmetics testing on animals.

We can already tell that 2020 will be an incredibly impactful year for animal protection. Be part of this historic progress toward a more humane world by attending Taking Action for Animals Online.

Early bird registration is just $15! Join us on our live dates and then come back to view the sessions and resources on-demand through the end of the year. Register now! www.takingactionforanimals.org