28. July 2017 - 11:00

Onion Music Festival 2017 | Sunnyside Outdoor Events | Friday, 28. July 2017

Onion Music Fest is happening yet again! This time we've rented a wonderful property with a natural amphitheater! There will be two days of music from great bands all over the Northwest, camping, food and art near the Washougal river. Bring your boogie shoes and a towel cause its gonna get sweaty.

Tickets are sold online and at the gates of the festival!

Please do your darndest to carpool up here as parking is limited. Parking passes are available online for $5.

Human Ottoman and Three for Silver
Onion the Man
Kaiya on the Mountain
Bunk Foss
La Rivera
Bob Fossil
St. Cinder
Lets Talk
Jack Mortenson Band
Meat Creature
Swamp Boys
Stoney Moaners
Love Being


One day pass: $20
Two day pass: $35
Two day camping pass: $50
Parking pass: $5


  • Someone already offered me a ride but I can't find the post anymore. Thought it was in the event discussion but I guess not? Anyway I'm packing one bag, one cooler, and one person (me) from central Southeast Portland. If my name / profile pic seem familiar to you message me or reply or whatever. See you all on Friday!
  • Hey guys! I have a couple of extra spots in my car for the needy. Message me if you need a ride!
  • Thank you to everyone who came out to Knockout Taco last night and got your discounted tickets! The festival is 5 days away... Y'all ready for Reptaliens?! Fresh off their tour with Strfkr, they're gonna bring the magic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuSAGILPxHI
  • Hello party people! What's happening? How are you? That's good! So, we have a very special show TONIGHT, and lo and behold it's in the parking lot of KNOCKOUT TACO!!! 🌮🌯🥚 But that's not all, if you haven't gotten your Onion Music Fest ticket yet, come on by for a $10 discount card. All we need is to see your bright smiling ****! We'll also be raffling a couple free tickets to a lucky winner. Excited to see you there, stay well, make good choices, I love yah! Miles, Onion The Man ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Is there camping Saturday night as well, or only Friday night?
  • Woops here is the REAL poster. love you guys!
  • Hey everyone! If you need a ride to the fest this should be the place to organize that! We're really hoping people help each other out, so if you got space in your ride, offer it up! :D
  • Sorry to miss this. We'll be in B'ham.
  • http://prp.fm/onion-music-festival-2017-coming Let me know if there is anything I can add! And feel free to help me flesh it out with band pics!! jen@prp.fm
  • I need a ride there and back if any one wants to help me out, I'll pay some for gas
  • HEY EVERYONE- just a heads up, the sooner you buy the tickets, the more it helps us prepare for the festival! Let's make this an unforgettable experience together. 💜
  • This looks great! Three For Silver are my people! But, what's the address of the venue?