27. October 2019 - 19:00
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10/10/10 Ten years Ten million homes Ten million pounds | United States | Sunday, 27. October 2019

Our floors are the most lived on part of our homes. 
Many homes floors in the United States were built many years ago and because of that the conditions that exsit under the surface can range from black mold and asbestos which both can be deadly.
Many home care products and cleaning equipment doesn't meet the flooring regulators standards of cleanliness, and that's about 90% of the products on the market.
This means that 90% of homes are only 10% clean as most everyday floor cleaning products only clean the surface but not the padding and subfloor which many germs and bacteria settle and continue to cause health issues.
Together with our sponsors and partners we are able to send out qualified cleaning professionals to your home or place of business for no charge. Our goal is to remove 10 million pounds of harmful particulants from 10 million homes in 10 years. 
The dirt and debris will be treated and mixed with seeds to reduce the carbon footprint. Also for each home we service we are allowed to service 15 more homes. Your support and sharing is vital to the overall goal and thank you for joining this movement!
Please send your appointment request at least a day before.
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