11. February 2020 - 9:00 till 15:00
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Problem-Based Math: Number Sentence Proofs | Courtyard by Marriott | Tuesday, 11. February 2020

Number sentence proofs are a fun and engaging way to help students develop numeracy, algebraic reasoning, and problem solving skills.
In this hands-on learning experience, students must determine if equations and inequalities are true, false, or sometimes true (if they contain variables). Then, they justify their responses with a proof by calculation, and a proof by reasoning.
This activity can be aligned with most elementary and middle school grade level standards and supports several mathematical practice standards, especially MP2, MP3, and MP6.
Number sentence proofs support collaborative learning, serve as a vehicle for introducing new concepts, and provide teachers a new way to assess student understanding.
This workshop addresses the mathematical concepts behinds number sentences, as well as the teaching strategies that promote student success in understanding and working with algebraic concepts and conventions.
About the Math

Best practices for working with expressions, equations, and inequalities

Deepen understanding of equality and meaning of operations

Provide structure for solving multi-step problems

Introduce a range of concepts, including number properties, fractions, variables, negatives, and more

About the Teaching

Design 3-part workshop lessons incorporating number sentence proofs

Assess procedural fluency and conceptual understanding

Address common misconceptions

Facilitate high-impact, collaborative learning

For more on number sentences, visit roomtodiscover.com/number-sentences
In this workshop, participants will engage in number sentence proofs as student-learners, learn the concepts behind the activity, and plan standards-aligned lessons to use in class the next day. Workshop registration includes class licenses for all templates and organizers needed to conduct a number sentence proof lesson the next day.

Jeff Lisciandrello is an expert in math curriculum and student- centered instructional practices, with over 15 years experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum designer, and instructional coach. In Jeff’s workshops, educators, don’t just hear about differentiation and inquiry-based learning, they experience them first-hand.

Our workshops cover practical classroom strategies for teaching math through multiple representations. Research shows that students best develop numeracy and mathematical reasoning by mastering five ways to represent mathematical ideas.

The math workshop model was developed by John van de Walle. This 3-part lesson structure supports active learning, collaboration, and mathematical discourse.
Participants will develop lesson plans based on the math workshop model, and have access to planning templates and graphic organizers to bring math workshop to their classrooms.
Sessions are designed for teachers, coaches, and supervisors of grades 3 through 8 math, though our sessions are open to all educators.
For more information, contact info@roomtodiscover.com.