28. September 2019 - 10:00
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FALL 2019 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Yoga Alliance | HeartnSoul Yoga Health & Wellness | Saturday, 28. September 2019

Registered 200 hour Yoga Alliance School 
Designed for EVERYONE - Yoga Alliance Approved 
This specially designed Yoga Teacher Training Program is  for EVERYONE including yoga students, Beginners, public school teachers , social workers , counselors, professionals, AND parents.  Study yogic theory, postures, meditation, mindfulness and more! Designed to help heal trauma and create resiliency!
Leave training with all the materials and skills needed to bring the yogic lifestyle with you !  Option to teach at HeartnSoul, teach yoga at any studio, in classrooms, schools,  offices or practice on your own!!
EMPOWER others with Coping Skills to foster healing and create lifelong resiliency!  
Learn :
~coping skills
~compassion for the self 
~to connect to the breath
 ~practice kindness&compassion
~to have an ‘open heart'
~yoga postures 
~ walking meditations
~guided meditation & yoga nidra 
~grounding hand yoga (mudras)
Bring LOVING KINDNESS YOGA to your life and community  ! 
These UNIQUE training programs emphasize the heart of yoga. The concept of loving kindness is brought into our own lives and shared with others. The spiritual aspects of yoga are highlighted in our program. 

Yoga is not something we simply do, it is a something we live, a yogic path and lifestyle, a lifelong practice comprised of much more than the physical and asana practice.  This training takes the student deep into the connection of mind, body, spirit, HeartnSoul. 
Trainees will learn practical coping skills  to include metta, pranayama, meditation, mudras, mantras, bhakti, kirtan, and yoga nidra. 
There is an undisputed connection between body and the mind.  We will examine various forms of dis-ease and delve into how yoga and yogic practices can help prevent and relieve discomfort in the mind and the body.  
In order to assure safety of the students, a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology is taught with an awareness of keeping yoga an inquiry into the self and out of the self.  We as yoga instructors must do no harm keeping students safe physically and emotionally within our classes. 
Loving kindness Yoga will prepare you to effectively teach with the general population AND individuals dealing with trauma, addiction recovery, grief and chronic pain.  
The yoga sequences and lessons developed will be adaptable to for yogis of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. 
HeartnSoul seeks to stay aligned with traditional yoga, the type of yoga practiced by ancient yogis thousands of years ago, within a classic yoga framework.
This program is open to EVERYONE INCLUDING PROFESSIONALS, YOGA TEACHERS and yoga students wishing to take their practice to a deeper level as well as yoga students wishing to teach yoga to the world!
NO REFUNDS- take as long as you need to finish !