16. September 2019 - 9:00

High-Performance Management Workshop | Topgolf | Monday, 16. September 2019

We've all been to that training class where a guy stood up front and spewed out stats from 30 years ago and said we should do a lot of things, but ultimately he just left us hanging with no real information to hold on to. This workshop is different. It's rooted real-world experiences, relevant and focused on the How To's. You will walk away with an action plan of techniques, systems, and processes to implement immediately so you can develop your team into top producers and get results now.
In this workshop you will learn the specific steps to become an innovative leader and take your team to new levels including:

Facing store challenges
Identifying who makes the dealership money and who costs the dealership money (worksheet)
Establishing personal and professional goals
Understanding your potential as a manager
Understanding your dealership’s true potential
Utilizing the 4 P’s of effective management: profit, productivity, process, people
Effectively managing activities for results
Managing mindsets
Managing accountability
Recruiting the right people to the team
Developing teams of top producers
Retaining employees
Mastering the Leadership Quadrant for Dealers and Managers
S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting
Developing long-term department visions
Developing daily, monthly, and quarterly action plans
Managing the day vs the day managing you
Identifying and managing potential profit sources
Holding effective training sessions
Leading sales meetings that work
Coaching your sales team to success
Leading team one-on-ones
Setting up a successful year, quarter, month, and day using the Coach’s Playbook

                                        “It’s time to bring Fun & Competition into your dealership”

Kintz Training Certificate of Completion
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Take action NOW. 
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