29. September 2020 - 13:00 till 15:00
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7th Annual: [Boston Fashion Week] Make Your ART Business SMART | Karon Shea Model Management | Tuesday, 29. September 2020

JOIN our 7th annual Boston Fashion Week - Make Your ART Business SMART
This is an intensified workshop widdled down to one day! and valued at $595.00!!
A coveted and most sought after workshop that happens ONCE a year, just for Boston Fashion Week
DO NOT MISS OUT!! Get your tickets {NOW!!}
WITH: The Business Doctor, Angela Ackerman
WHERE: Karon Shea Model Management - Worcester MA
TOPIC: "Transforming Your Passion Into Profit"
Its THE Tool Kit every artist must have to succeed! for Personal Growth and Professional Development .... #mindfit movement term coined by Angela Ackerman, defined as the "psychology of success"
The Intersection of Inspiration and Income - Learn how to realize, materialize YOUR passion into profit in 7 steps
ATTN: Performing Artists, Stylists, Models, Florists, Graphic Designers, Artists, Authors, Poets, DJ's, Musicians, Writers, Clothing Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Actors, Advertising/Marketing Execs, Film/TV Directors, Interior Designers, Painters, Dancers, Chefs, Creative Artists, Visionaries -
All my right brain professionals, entrepreneurs, students or career seekers!
Get Business #CONSULTINGGet Business #CAPITAL Get Business #CONNECTIONS