09. November 2019 - 11:30
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Parent Certificate (Know Your Special Education Rights) Online/Seated | Bethel Deliverance | Saturday, 09. November 2019

The Parent Proficiency Certificate Course
Presented by
The Education Institute for Early Intervention, Inc. (EIEI)
Add some muscle to your advocacy in moving your child’s
IEP and Special Education Services Forward By Registering For
The Parent Proficiency Certificate Course
The EIEI Parent Proficiency Certificate is the gold standard for parent training. This certificate program will equip and empower parents of children with disabilities to understand:

How to navigate the education systems and access appropriate programs and services for their children
The IDEA Law and IEP process
Child Find, Response to Intervention (RTI) and the Student Support Teams
The laws governing the education of students and conflict resolution
Scientific and researched based interventions (Reading, Writing, Math)
Basic assessments that identify your child’s needs
How to resolve conflict, Mediation and Due Process
And much more…

This 13-week course is taught by State recognized Special Education expert Dr. Essence Allen-Presley. Propelled by passion and a conviction to see parents become a powerful coalition of advocates for their children, Dr. Presley connects parents facing like challenges and trains them to be peer educators.
The cost of the class includes books, materials, and resource information. Parents receive a certificate at the end of the course along with 9 credit hours issued by the institute. To register please contact: Dr. Essence Presley at 267-415-6724 or via email at epresley@eiforei.org.
Course Dates: Please contact us for the location and times in your community.